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The Family of Francis M. Ellis
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Frances M. and Elizabeth
Whitten Ellis

This picture was saved from a house fire by a descendant of F.M. and Elizabeth. It was shared with my by Velma Ellis, wife of Francis M. "Frank" Ellis, Jr. in August 2000.

Family of F.M. and Elizabeth Ellis

This picture was shared with me by Velma Ellis. According to Velma and Janice Hunsaker, granddaughter of Carrie Ellis Metts, the people in the picture are most likely as follows: Back: Hannah Ellis (about age 14), John Henry Ellis, and his wife Dorrie (or Donie). Front: F.M. Ellis Sr, Birdie Ellis (about age 4), Elizabeth Whitten Ellis, and Alfred Ellis (about age 6). Hannah and John Henry were children of F.M. and Elizabeth. Birdie and Alfred were children of John Henry. If the ages and names are correct, the picture would have been taken about 1905.

In August 2000, the descendants of Alfred Ellis and Elizabeth Jane McGee of Winston County, Mississippi (parents to Francis Marion Sr) held their second annual reunion in Louisville, Mississippi. Plans are in progress for a reunion in July or August of 2000 also. Anyone interested in the reunion may contact me for more information. Also, if anyone else has pictures of members of the Ellis family, and would be willing to share them with me, I would be honored to include them here in this album!

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