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The Family of Pleas "Bunk" Whitten, Jr and Lula Talley

Pleas "Bunk" Whitten, Jr. Bunk and Lula Talley Whitten Lula Talley's Parents
Bunk Whitten Family
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Family Excursion
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Lucille Humphreys,
Edith Carlisle, and Bunk Whitten
Annie and Ben Festervan Robert Whitten
World War I
Edith Carlisle, 1974
Raymond Whitten Truett Whitten Willie Erving Whitten
1984, Louisville, MS
Lucille Humphreys Lucille Humphreys Jack and Lucille Humphreys
Marjorie Smith and
Willie Whitten, visiting
Mississippi cousins, 1984
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Willie Whitten and Beulah Watson, 1984 Dan and Marie Marek, May 2000
(dau of Robert Whitten)

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Most of these pictures were shared with me by Robert Humphreys (son of Lucille) and his daughter Melissa Kautz. Melissa received some of these pictures as photocopies, sent to her by Carole Jean Anderson Whitten (wife of Cleveland Whitten, Jr) and Patsy Schroeder (daughter of Lucille Humphreys). Please share my sincere gratitude to them for making these family pictures available!

In July 1984, Mr. Willie Whitten, his daughter Marjorie Smith, and her husband Rayburn Smith visited my family in Louisville, Winston County, Mississippi. Mr. Willie was disappointed to learn that his father's homestead had been sold back to the U.S. government in the early 1900's and was now part of a National Wildlife Refuge. However, he was very excited to visit the grave of his grandfather Pleasant Whitten. We very much enjoyed their visit.

If you have pictures of this family that you would be willing to share with me, please e-mail at the address below.

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