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The Family of John L. Statton
and Lillie Whitten

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Lillie Whitten Statton Lillie Statton, far right.
Who are the other two ladies?
Marriage license for
John L. Statton and Lillie Whitten

Jay Statton Family
Back row: Edith Statton, Sharrel Statton, Jay Statton, Elmeda Statton?
Front row: Ysetta Statton, Eugene Statton, Marvin Statton
Jay Statton, son of Lillie

Edith Twila DuBois Statton,
wife of Jay
Elmeda Statton,
daughter of Jay
Ysetta Statton,
daughter of Jay

The pictures of Lillie Statton and of Jay Statton and his family were shared with me in 2004 by Connie Todd Shelton, daughter of Ysetta Statton Todd. The picture of the marriage license for John L. Statton and Lillie Whitten was provided by Mike Ramsey, grandson of John L. Statton's sister Virgie.

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