The Roll of the Winston Guards


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On Friday, March 4, 1898, the Winston County Journal published a newspaper article submitted by Judge H. Cornwell. Cornwell had sent the Journal a clipping from the Lousiville paper, published in 1861, which contained a list of the officers and men that comprised the Winston Guards. Some of the men were original Guards members; other came a few months later as "recruit to their ranks". Cornwell, himself, was one of the original Guards. In his 1898 article, he writes:

In scanning over the roll of names of this grand old company, after all these years that have intervened, the past rises up before me like a dream.---Again we are boys one more full of high hopes and fond expectations. Again, we are in the great struggle for Southern independence.

The Officers

Bradley, J.M., Captain
Edmonds, Nev., 1st Lieutenant
Hathorn, J.J., 2nd Lieutenant
Bradley, Jo. L., 3rd Lieutenant
Coulter, W.W., Ensign
Peake, J.A., 1st Sergeant
Covington, B.L, 2nd Sergeant
Patty, T.J., 3rd Sergeant
Hughes, T.J., 4th Sergeant
Hudson, J.I. 5th Sergeant
Hughes, J.R.A., 1st Corporal
Eastland, C.D. 2nd Corporal
Rowland, H.Y. 3rd Corporal
Woodruff, W.N., 4th Corporal

The Privates

Alexander, J.B.
Alexander, S.J.
Atkinson, C.G.
Ball, J.L.
Ball, W.W.
Barren, H.W.
Barron, B.
Bevill, C.H.
Boswell, D.F.
Boswell, R.J.
Bragg, J.S.
Brewer, J.
Brories, E.R.*
Brown, J.T.
Bruisa, Andrew
Cannon, S.M.
Cates, W.J.
Clark, G.W.
Cook, G.M.
Cook, W.H.R.
Cornwell, J.H.
Crawford, J.H.
Davis, W.L.
Dennis, G.C.
Ellis, J.H.
Farris, R.M.
Faucett, S.K.
Forgerson, Thomas
Gage, J.B.
Gidan, J.D.
Gideon, J.P.
Halfacre, H.D.
Halfacre, J.E.
Hammill, Hugh
Hanna, G.W.
Hathorn, W.B.
Hindman, N.B.
Hopping, J.P.
House, H.P.
Howie, J.D.
Huddson, W.H.
Hudson, B.R.
Johnson, W.B.
Johnston, John R.
Kirkpatrick, John
Lammy, James
Leatherwood, J.L.
Liddell, J.E.
Lowrey, A.G.
McDaniel, J.J.
McMakin, A.V.
McMakin, J.B.
McMillin, L.D.
McNeal, Thomas
McStribbling, W.
Metts, T.P.
Miller, James
Moore, J.L.
Moore, W.T.
Pearson, W.A.
Peterson, H.P.
Quinn, S.J.
Riddle, W.J.
Robinson, W.C.
Rowland, P.S.
S...., W.W. (illegible)
Shumaker, H.W.
Smith, B.T.
Smith, W.
Smith, W.A.
Stark, D.F.
Stewart, J.A.
Suttle, W.H.H.
Tabor, L.S.
Tabor, N.C.
Wallace, T.D.
Warner, C.P.
Watson, O. T.
White, William
Wilcox, J.M.
Wilkens, C.W.
Williams, J.H.
Woodruff, J.E.
Woodruff, N.C.
Woodward, J.J.
Yarbrough, R.E.


Married Men Belonging to the Winston Guards

(This partial list was included in Cornwell's article.)

Tabor, N.C. -- wife and two children
Tabor, U.B. -- wife and two children
Hammill, Hugh -- wife and six children
Shaw, W.W. -- wife
Cook, Wm H. R. -- wife

Those Who Recruited the Ranks of the Winston Guards

Adams, James
Alexander, Leouidus
Ball, Jasper M.
Barron, Henry
Barron, O.
Beard, J.C.
Black, E.P.
Bradley, G.W.
Cates, T.P.
Clark, J.M.
Coleman, T.F.
Curry, James W.
Eddleman, Henry
Ellis, S.I.
Furguson, J.R.
Gage, J.W.
Hall, C.
Harris, J.B.
Owen, Harvy
Pettlgrew, John T.
Porter, Wm
Ragan, N.J.
Riddle, Thos.
Scoggin, Vine
Shumaker, V.B.
Smith, W.H.
Swatswell, James
Thrasher, W.N.
Turner, Thos.
Ward, Wm
Watson, O.C.
Whitten, P.M.
Woodruff, Lewis
Yarbrough, T.M.
Yarbrough, W.L.
Hemphill, J.K.
Hindman, Thomas
Horton, Presly
Horton, Wm
Hudson, A.S.
Hughes, T.J.
Johnson, Alexander
Krebbs, Steven
Kyle, P.H.
Leibenfield, Louis
Liddell, Joe W.
Liddell, John
Liddell, Josh
Liddell, W.J.
Massey, Jeff
McMillian, Sam'l *
Miller, Thos.
Moore, T.L.


Yarbrough, Abram
Hathorn, Allen

* Misspelled Surnames
Broyles, Erasmus R.
McMillin, Samuel F.


The Winston Guards were officially called Company A of the 13th Mississippi Regiment. See below for summaries of the military service records for the men who served in this company.

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