Beulah and Beyond
by W.A. Whitten

Beulah Family Connections

  1.   The Carlisle Black Family
      Elizabeth Jane Black—William Black—Berry Marcus Black—Milton L. Black-Lucinda A. Black—Jason Black—Francy Black—Nancy Black—Jeremiah W. Black-Missouri Black—Dewitt Clinton Black.

  2.   The Joseph Buse Black Family
      Dulcenia Deltesoro Black—Derotha Melvena Black—Addison Woodville Black-Energy Poole Black—Julia Anne Black—Anzelia Destilingham Black—Joseph Didmus Black-Florence California Black—John Middleton Black—Nancy Leolah Black-Martha Ozelah Black—Phinehas Addison Black—Isabella Howard Black.

  3.   The Samuel Black Family
      Warren H. Black—Nancy A. Black—Vicie H. Black—Margaret E. Black—Thomas J. Black—Zachary Taylor Black—Sally Y. Black—G. P. Black.

  4.   The John Bowie II Family
      William Walter Bowie—Marcus Scott Bowie—Estell Didmus Bowie—John Henry Bowie—Jason Worth Bowie—Elizabeth P. Bowie—David Kee Bowie—Alice Euders Bowie—Amzi Rhodi Bowie—Martha A. Bowie.

  5.   The Henry Eddleman Family
      Infant Daughter Eddleman—Frances Idella Eddleman—John Henry Eddleman—Richard Energy Eddleman—Nancy Catherine Eddleman—Joseph Wherry Eddleman—George Adam Eddleman, Sr.

  6.   The Richard Gladney III Family
      William James Gladney—Mary Ann Gladney—Charles Strong Gladney—Rebecca Gladney—Nancy Elizabeth Gladney—Richard Alexander Gladney.

  7.   The James Hutchison, Jr. Family
      William Wilson Hutchison—Sara Jane Hutchison—James Gilland Hutchison—Margaret Elizabeth Hutchison—John McCormick Hutchison—Robert Hannah Hutchison—Nancy Isabella Hutchison—James Anna Hutchison—Martha Brice Hutchison—Mary Johnston Hutchison—Samuel David Hutchison. 

  8.   The William Robert Lacey Family
      Edward Walker Lacey—Frances Lacey—James Lacey—William Robert Lacey—Thomas Newton Lacey—Margaret Luvenia Lacey.

  9.   The John W. Lane Family
      John Thomas Lane—William James Lane—Ezra B. Lane—Sarah Elizabeth Lane—Robert C. Lane.

  10.   The William James McGee Family
      John McGee—James Leroy McGee—William Harris McGee—Benjamin Harvey McGee—Ethel McGee—George Edd McGee—Archie W. L. McGee—Ellen McGee—Mae McGee—Ruth McGee.

  11.   The William Henry Steele Family
      Sanders Steele—William Oscar Steele—Cornelia L. Steele—Henry Miller Steele—Sara Ann Steele—Elizabeth Sanders Steele—Stephen Charles Steele—Solon Grigg Steele—Wylie Amanda Steele—Emma Catherine Steele.

  12.   The Michael Turnipseed Family
      Mary Sybil Turnipseed—Jesse Benjamin Turnipseed—Ellen Ursula Turnipseed—George Scott Turnipseed—Caroline Elizabeth Turnipseed—Joel Franklin Turnipseed—Infant Turnipseed—John Michael Turnipseed.  

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