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[Note: The information below was shared with me by the fellow researchers listed in the Resources section below. The research is not mine but is included here to provide a more complete picture of this family.]

After Littleton's first wife, Catherine Head, died in June 1833, he quickly remarried later that year to Cornelia Ruark. Littleton and Cornelia were married in December 1833 in Morgan County, Georgia. They had two sons, one in 1837 and one in 1839, before Littleton apparently deserted them around 1839. No record of a divorce has been found, but Littleton remarried again about 1843 to his "cousin" Lucinda Whitten of Alabama.

According to Toni Brahier, a descendant of Cornelia's son William L. Augustus, Cornelia was the daughter of Lemuel C. Ruark of Apalachee, Morgan County, Georgia. Her father was a major land owner in northern Morgan County, owning a large amount of acreage along the Apalachee River. Toni adds this information also: "After Littleton Whitten deserted her and the boys, she married Andrew Jackson Beal of Apalachee, Georgia. On census records, they are shown with a son, George Poss Beal. George was 17 years old on the 1870 census; therefore, he was born about 1853. As Littleton left before 1840, this could be her son, although I have no proof yet....Although her name is usually shown as Espey Cornelia on the census records, marriage records, etc., it is Cordelia in her father's will. Lemuel C. Ruark must have been concerned that Littleton would try to come back, and claim some of the land as Cornelia's husband. In his will, he leaves her only a sum of money, and makes note that if anyone tries to break the will, then that person will receive nothing, and his share will revert to the other descendants. It is not known where Cornelia is buried, however, there are at least 20-30 unmarked graves in the old Ruark Cemetery where George P. Beal is buried, and one would suppose that he was buried near his mother and father. This is a most interesting old cemetery, where most of the graves are covered with piles of stones, or have only a stone at the head, and a smaller stone at the foot of the grave. We were told that the stone pile type burial was considered Indian burial by most historians. The pile of stones kept wild animals, which were plentiful in those days, from digging up the graves."



Littleton Augustus "Gus" Whitten
Born:  March 07, 1802 in Union District, South Carolina
Married:  December 17, 1833 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia
Died:  After February 1862 in reportedly Grenada, Grenada County, Mississippi in Civil War
Buried:  Reportedly Grenada, Grenada County, Mississippi in unmarked grave
Father:  Phillip Whitten
Mother:  Delilah Cain

Espey Cornelia Ruark
Born:  October 28, 1814 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia
Died:  April 05, 1890 in Apalachee, Morgan County, Georgia
Buried:  probably in Morgan County, Georgia in the old Ruark Cemetery
Father:  Lemuel C. Ruark
Mother:  Elvinah Louisa Norris

  1. Berry Anderson R. Whitten
    Born:  May 25, 1837 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia
    Married:  October 21, 1860 in Stewart County, Georgia
    Spouse:  Louise Troutman
    Died:  April 22, 1912 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia
    Burial: Brownwood Baptist Church, Madison, Morgan County, Georgia

    Louise Troutman was born January 23, 1844 in Newton County, Georgia and died October 05, 1913 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia.

  2. William L. Augustus Whitten
    Born:  July 26, 1839 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia
    Married:  March 01, 1861 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia
    Spouse:  Lucinda Catherine Allman
    Died:  Unknown

    Lucinda Allman was born in 1845 in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia.



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