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John Hayes Littleton Whitten enlisted in the service of the Confederate States of America on February 28, 1862 at Red Land, Mississippi (which I believe is in Pontotoc County). He was enrolled as a Private by Col. J.A. Orr into Company A of Orr's Guards for a period of 3 years. This company was an unnumbered infantry regiment that subsequently became Company A, 31st Regiment Mississippi Infantry. According to notes on John's service cards, the 31st Regiment Mississippi Infantry was first organized as the 6th (Orr's) Battalion Mississippi Infantry. In February and March, 1862, it was increased to ten companies and mustered into the Confederate service as Orr's Regiment Mississippi Infantry. Shortly afterward the designation was changed to 31st Regiment Mississippi Infantry. About April 9, 1865, this regiment was consolidated with the 3d and 40th Regiments Mississippi Infantry and formed the 3d Consolidated Regiment Mississippi Infantry.

John H.L. Whitten appears on Company Muster Rolls for Company A of the 31st Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers for the following muster periods:

He also appears as a Private in Company A of the 3rd Consolidated Regiment, Mississippi Infanty on a Muster Roll of officers and men who were paroled in accordance with the terms of a military convention entered into on April 26, 1865, between General Joseph E. Johnston, commanding the Confederate Army, and Major General W.T. Sherman, commanding the United States Army in North Carolina. The Muster Roll was dated April 1865 at Greensboro, North Carolina. They were paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina, but the only date listed on the service card was 1865.

John's service record shows only muster rolls. It does not give any information as to the battles he may have fought in or any injuries he may have incurred. It only indicates he was paroled at Greensboro in 1865.

The service card below is a transcription of the first card (or cover card) in John's service packet. The link below the card will display a scanned image of the card. The three pages below have transcriptions of each of 13 muster cards in John's service packet, with scanned images available for each page.

How did I get this information? -- Actually, this information came to me through a cousin, a descendant of John Hayes Littleton Whitten's son John Robert Littleton Whitten, who mailed me paper photocopies of the records. However, one can order copies directly from the National Archives Records Administration by visiting their website at or by visiting one of their regional centers throughout the country.

Whitten, John H.L.
Co. A, 31 Mississippi Inf.
Private Private
1              47764715 20                                    
2                      4816 21                                   
3                      4902 22                                   
4                      5019 23                                   
5                      5113 24                                   
6                      5207 25                                   
7                      5297 26                                   
8                      5389 27                                   
9                      5477 28                                   
10                    5551 29                                   
11                    5635 30                                   
12                    5684 31                                   
13            44305584 32                                   
Number of medical cards herein       ____
Number of personal papers herein   ____
BOOK MARK:___________________
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See scanned image of this front card

More Service Cards for J.H.L. Whitten

Page 2: Muster Rolls from February 1862 to February 1863

Page 3: Muster Rolls from March 1863 to October 1863

Page 4: Muster Rolls from November 1863 to February 1865


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