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This page last updated October 9, 2011.

Thanks to all my visitors and fellow Whitten family researchers, I have had many people stop by to sign my guestbook. It has been such a pleasure reading all your comments, and in many cases, responding to them personally. Please feel free to browse through the pages of my Littleton Whitten Family Guestbook to read what fellow researchers have had to say about what they have found here in my site. And please feel free to add your own comments as well by clicking on the "Sign my Guestbook" link. I will be notified by e-mail each time a new entry is added, so I look forward to hearing from you soon!

A word of explanation, however... In March 2007, I had to switch my guestbook provider from Geocities to HTML Gear by Tripod. Entries from my original guestbook are listed as Pages 1 - 4 below. As my new guestbook fills up, I will be transfering the messages from the guestbook to "archive" pages that will be included below. Please visit back again to check out future postings!


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