The Ancestors of
Sarah E. Barron Whitten


This page updated February 18, 2010.

Frequently I will get requests for more information on the Barron side of my Whitten family. James S. "Jim" Whitten married Sarah E. "Sallie" Barron in Winston County, Mississippi in January 1867. Sallie was the daughter of Almond M. and Frances M. Barron of Louisville, Winston County, Mississippi. According to Patrick M. Harrison and other Barron researchers, Almond died a soldier in the Confederate Army in July 1863 during the Seige of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Fannie and her children are listed in the 1870 Winston County census. Fannie's maiden name is unknown. Almond, born circa 1824, was the son of Ezekial and Sarah Barron. His lineage goes from Ezekial Barron back through James Barron, Joseph Elias Barron, John Barron, Joseph Barron/Barrand Sr, William Barron Esquire, and finally to William Barron, born around 1600 in Cambridge, England.

Updated!! 2-10 The information on Sallie's Barron ancestors was originally shared with me in 1999 by Patrick Harrison as part of a document titled THE BARRON FAMILY in The American South, a genealogical history compiled by contributors to THE BARRON FAMILY INFORMATION EXCHANGE FILE. This document originally had Sallie's ancestors descending from Robert Barron, born circa 1617 in the British Isles. At the time the document was written, Robert Barron was believed to be the father of Joseph Barron/Barrand Sr. However, based on research done by William Paul Barron, Jr. (shared with Patrick Harrison in 2002), it is now believed that the father of Joseph Barron is William Barron, Esquire, who died in 1680, St. Michael's Parish church, Barbadoes, and who was the son of William Barron, who born about 1600 in Cambridge, England. See the link below for more information.

In February 2010, Patrick M. Harrison kindly shared with me an updated family file that contains William Barron as the earliest Barron ancestor of Sallie Barron Whitten. With his permission, I am providing a link to his document below. Please note that the document is quite long (132 pages).

Descendants of William Barron, as sent by Patrick Morgan Harrison

Because the document is quite long, I have included a table below showing the names of Sallie Barron's ancestors and the pages within Patrick's document where their information is contained. But I strongly encourage everyone to read the entire document as there is some facinating information about the lives of many the Barron family members.

GenerationPerson numberNameElectronic page numbersPrinted page numbers
First1William Barronp. 5p. 1
Second2William Barron, Esquire and Elizabeth Rannewep. 5, 7-9p. 1, 3-5
Third3Joseph Barron (Barrand) Sr. and Elizabeth Dragoop. 9, 11-12p. 5, 7-8
Fourth11John Barron and Sarah Stacyp. 12-13p. 8-9
Fifth12Joseph Elias Barron and Mrs. Hannah Evans Willinp. 13, 15-19p. 9, 11-15
Sixth18James Barron and Jemima (Gemima) Unknownp. 19, 22-29p. 15, 18-25
Seventh34Ezekiel Barron and Sarah Unknownp. 29, 60-61p. 25, 56-57
Eighth71Almond Barron and Frances M. Unknownp. 61, 73-74p. 57, 69-70
Nineth166Sallie E. Barron and J.S. Whittenp. 74, 100p. 70, 96



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